I'm Chris, i'm from Perth Australia and this is just stuff i think is rad.


Let's get real

1: What is your favorite color?

2: If you could marry one celebrity who would it be?

3: How tall are you?

4: Turn ons?

5: Turn offs?

6: What color is your room?

7: Favorite store?

8: Favorite article of clothing?

9: What's the story behind your first kiss?

10: Tell me about your first boyfriend/girlfriend.

11: What is your lockscreen/wallpaper?

12: Virgin?

13: Why did you make this tumblr?

14: Write a short story about ____.

15: Favorite song?

16: Favorite Band?

17: Hair/eye color?

18: A distinct memory from summer '09

19: Favorite joke?

20: Pick up the book closest to you, open to page ___, and type line ___

21: Ever gotten drunk?

22: Ever gotten high?

23: Do you have any tattoo's?

24: Do you want any tattoos?

25: Put your Ipod on shuffle, without skipping any, list the first 5 songs that come up.

26: Favorite movie?

27: Favorite place to get kissed?

28: Favorite thing about a guy/girl's personality?

29: Turn your head to the left, what is the very first thing you see?

30: Opinion on arm veins?

31: Sexiest thing on a guy?

32: Sexiest thing on a girl?

33: Favorite feature?

34: Favorite eye color?

35: Favorite book?

36: Favorite TV show?

37: Favorite musical?

38: Hobbies?

39: Best book you have ever read?

40: Favorite F.r.i.e.n.d.s. episode?

41: Favorite school subject?

42: Favorite gif?

43: Polka-dots or stripes?

44: Young Leonardo DiCaprio or Ryan Gosling?

45: Write a haiku about where you are right now.